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Ceramic's is one of Ruth's passions that she began exploring again in the first lockdown. 

Ruth specialised in hand built forms at Uni and continued to teach children and adults in the art of handbuilding. After the closure of her Community Arts Studio Sculpt it in a local School she was unable to carry on with the teaching and kiln remained in her studio unused for about 6 years and get focus was on Wood. 

However time and lockdowns found Ruth the opportunity to get her hands into the earthy clay and learn again. 


She is still feeling her way and experimenting but some common themes are reoccurring such as her love for the neutral natural colours of the textured clays, stoneware and textures, carving and rustic look of the finished piece. Functional items are of interest such as planters, pots, mugs, vases,spoons and sculptural female forms have emerged again in the form of her black clay earth goddess figurines that are handheld calming objects, wall hanging. 

A collection will be uploaded by end if Feb / March 

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